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Why Choose Us

Customer Service.

Our business is built on providing our customers with the very best service in our field. We understand happy customers make our business grow.

Technical Experience.

With 6 in house technicians we have a wealth of knowledge available, in total over 60 years worth, your device is in safe hands. 

Purpose Built Work Space.

5 repair area's each with customised set-up for the devices we support, correct tools & all repairs in house.

14 Years In Business.

Our team has grown to know what our business does and how to do it well. We have the right processes to make sure operations are the best they can be.

Quick, Reliable Quality Service.

We make sure your service is as efficient as possible. Each staff member knows exactly how and when to do what they do.

A Name You Can Trust.

We have built a reputation over many years based on honesty with our customers. Confidence in us to send your valuable devices for repair.

We Love What We Do.

If we didn't, it wouldn't work! Our team took years to get right, we are all here because we want to do what we do, for our customers.