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About Us

Established in 2002, Repair World Direct has evolved into a strong trustworthy repair centre for electronics. With modern ‘tech’ lifestyles we have, plus the cost to buy and replace the devices we all love so much we quickly realised our services provided a solution to a problem, at the same time saving our customers time and money. With a one stop repair shop for most current electronic devices, once you find us, no need to look elsewhere.

The 'world direct' brand started out as an idea in 1 guys garage, taking the skills, evolving internet and hard work to build what you see today.

We started repairing games consoles in 2002, set up our first on-line store in 2004, moved to business premises in 2007 and opened our first shop in 2010.

We now operate entirely from dedicated repair centre shop premises in Crewe, Cheshire. Employ UK trained staff & complete around 1000 repairs every month from our custom built device specific workshops.

Staff Profiles


 Ben - Owner

With over 27 years of technical experience, Ben has built Repair World from the ground up, bringing himself and his team to where we are today. He holds over 11 years experience as IT manager with British Airways, and a lifetime of loving technology and taking things apart only to fix them again. Ben runs the show and prides himself on the service he has built as well as the fantastic team to be proud of.


Clare - Workshop Manager 

Clare manages the workshop and keeps the team running smoothly. After serving a long and loyal career in the care industry, Clare chose to focus her skills in a  new direction, and has now been a vital member of the team since 2012. Learning how to expertly repair phones and handheld devices, as well as whipping the rest of the team into shape with her motherly discipline. Clare also deals with business to business transactions and admin tasks such as invoices and system updates (so Ben doesn't have to). 


Hannah - iPad/Tablet technician

Hannah is our iPad and tablet technician, she has also been with the team since 2012 and no one is better trained to take care of your iPad/tablet. As a senior technician Hannah has a plethora of knowledge about tech and devices and is very passionate about her job and her craft. Hannah brings a wonderful energy to the team, always has an interesting story to tell, and is always brought in for overtime by popular demand. 


Andy - Laptop/Games Console Technician 

Since joining the Repair World team at the age of 17 as an apprentice, Andy has become a very popular staff member with our customers. Joining the team with self taught skills and a passion for tech, Andy developed his knowledge and technical skills to become, not only the specialist for laptops, PC and games consoles, but also the go to guy for any other bits we're unsure about; and by default has ended up everyone's favourite computer geek. 


Kez - Customer service / Part-time PA 

Kez is Ben's daughter who has been working on and off with the team since she was 13, Kez answers all calls and replies to enquiries so the rest of the team can focus on repairs. She is currently a student physiotherapist, but if you time it right you'll find her right back where she started her working life helping out when we get busy. Kez does all the little jobs around the shop and picks up the small tasks that can be forgotten, however she has yet to master the skill of making a brew on demand.