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Staff Profiles

Ben H. - General Manager.

Developer, Projects, Web Dev, Technical, Marketing, Sales, B2B, Process.

With over 22 years experience in electronics and technical roles. Over 11 years with British Airways in support management, making it possible to achieve success from the ground up and build a strong corporate environment. His sharp eye for detail, and relentless dedication and commitment in the pursuit of greatness, ensures RWD provides superior service above all competitors in this field.

Clare P. - Workshop Manager.

Human Resource, Tech Staff Management, Allocation, Implementation, Time Management.

After serving a long and loyal career in the care industry at the highest level, attaining expert skills along the way, Clare’s management and people skills are the best we have found. She made the recent change in her chosen employment sector effortless. With a seamless transference of skills that has made her a valuable key member of this enterprise. She is dedicated to the future success of RWD bringing calm tolerance to RWD’s demanding working environment. Clare’s resolute belief and positive attitude gives example to those around her and sets the ground for peak performance of staff to guarantee results.

Hannah W. - Senior Technician.

Tablets / Mobile / Handheld / Repair / Service, Technical Training, Systems.

Hand-picked from our retail counter after visiting our shop as a customer. It was instantly obvious she had skills to succeed within our business. After a successful trial period Hannah gave up her midday assistant employment to join us full time. We are lucky to have a technician with such natural ability in our team. Her passion for repairs makes her a key player in our workshops, she now takes position as our senior iPad, tablet and mobile phone engineer. Hannah’s excellent knowledge of micro device electronic repair is the high standard we expect from RWD, mentoring trainee and apprentices development programs.

Andy W. - Senior Technician.

Laptop / PC / Console / Repair / Service, Tel Support, Technical Training / Systems.

Andy joined Repair World Direct on one of our many work experience programs through Total People, after multiple candidate trails he made the grade and quickly became our senior PC and laptop technician. His base skills self taught, and RWD his first career motivated employment we have moulded this young talent into a mature valuable addition to our workshops. We believe Andy will have a long and successful career and enable us to achieve future growth as a key member of our operations.

Jamie D. - Technical Consultant.

Critical Support, Continuous Improvement, Forward Planning.

Jamie's role for many years is to evaluate our technical procedures and analyse productivity and performance. Although not employed directly his input has been crucial to our success, making sure we operate as efficiently as possible. Customer's, employees and the business all benefit from his expert ideas and best practice advice. His technical background ensures we perform at the highest levels at all times.

Ian W. - Customer Services Manager.

Customer Service Staff Management, Customer Improvements, Counter Finance & Stock.

Ian's role is simply to ensure our customer service is the best it can be, from initial contact to return of a customer's device. His 10+ years experience in customer service roles, including running his own retail outlet for many years means he instinctively knows what our customers expect and how they should be treated. This knowledge is passed through support and guidance to each customer service employee within RWD. His dedication to achieve results & knowing how important customer service is will ensure we continue to provide the very best to all our customers, keeping our reputation positive as expected.

Kerys H. - Customer Service.

Customer Liaison, Payment Management, Retail Admin.

Repair World Direct is committed to offering opportunity to young people, Kerys is our Saturday counter person, still in the later years of high school, she shows maturity beyond her years. Kerys became a black belt in Tae Kwondo this year and is driven to learn and perform to the best of her ability. Without her presence on Saturday in the shop when our customers visit in masses, we would find our weekends much more stressful, again we hope that one day Kerys can join the team full time, she would be an excellent addition.