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We dont just do repairs we buy and sell as well.

Posted by Ben Holding on

We dont just do repairs we buy and sell as well. Our phones are subject to a 25 point check before we buy and sell them. We check that all the functions work such as the speakers and cameras. We also do a charging test on them to make sure that they charge as they should and drain correctly. If the battery doesn't meet our expectations we replace them with new high quality batteries to get them to our high standard. We have such a high standard that all our refurbished devices come with a 12 month warranty. You wont need to worry about what network they are on as we factory unlock all of the phones we sell so any network can be used on them. We also have a great range of protection for you're newly purchased phone we can offer cases and screen protectors at a discounted price with any phone you buy from us.
If your in the market for a refurbished phone or looking to sell your old one come in store and we will be happy to help.


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